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Version 1.3

Latest 1.3 Release: 1.3.0b1 (1.3.0b1 via Cheeseshop) (CHANGES)

SQLAlchemy 1.3.0b1 is signed using Michael Bayer’s PGP key id C4DAFEE1 (use gpg --recv-keys C4DAFEE1 to import).

Please be sure to review the 1.2 to 1.3 migration guide, found at What's New in 1.3?, for full details on changes made since 1.2.

Version 1.2

Latest 1.2 Release: 1.2.14 (1.2.14 via Cheeseshop) (CHANGES)

SQLAlchemy 1.2.14 is signed using Michael Bayer’s PGP key id C4DAFEE1 (use gpg --recv-keys C4DAFEE1 to import).

Please be sure to review the 1.1 to 1.2 migration guide, found at What's New in 1.2?, for full details on changes made since 1.1.

Development Versions

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For further details on Git repository access please see development.


SQLAlchemy is covered by the MIT License.

Release Status

Major Version First Release Latest Release Latest Version Release Status
1.3 [docs] [What's New?] 2018-11-17 (beta) 2018-11-17 (beta) 1.3.0b1 [changes] Beta
1.2 [docs] [What's New?] 2017-07-10 (beta) 2018-11-10 1.2.14 [changes] Current Release
1.1 [docs] [What's New?] 2016-06-16 (beta) 2018-03-06 1.1.18 [changes] Maintenance
1.0 [docs] [What's New?] 2015-03-13 (beta) 2017-08-03 1.0.19 [changes] Security
0.9 [docs] [What's New?] 2013-12-30 2015-07-22 0.9.10 [changes] EOL
0.8 [What's New?] 2012-12-14 (beta) 2014-07-22 0.8.7 [changes] EOL
0.7 [What's New?] 2011-05-21 2013-02-08 0.7.10 [changes] EOL
0.6 2010-02-03 (beta) 2012-05-06 0.6.9 [changes] EOL
0.5 2008-06-12 (beta) 2010-01-16 0.5.8 [changes] EOL
0.4 2007-08-12 (beta) 2008-10-12 0.4.8 [changes] EOL
0.3 2006-10-22 2007-10-14 0.3.11 [changes] EOL
0.2 2006-05-27 2006-09-05 0.2.8 [changes] EOL
0.1 2006-02-14 2006-05-05 0.1.7 [changes] EOL

About Release Status Categories

The following table summarizes each status category:

Release Status Explanation
Development Active development for the next major release of SQLAlchemy. Development of new features and major behavioral changes to this "future" branch of code. Users are encouraged to run the master branch within test environments in order to help in reporting regressions as well as to test beta releases as they are released.
Current Release The current official release of SQLAlchemy. Ongoing work is performed to close out regressions and bugs that can still be applied without significant risk of destabilization. Applications which are under active development should seek to always refer to at least the "current" release.
Maintenance The maintenance series accepts a very limited set of critical bug fixes as they are encountered. In maintenance mode, it is assumed that applications coded to this version are themselves fully stable and not experiencing much change, so the pace of releases slows down considerably to avoid disruption. An application that wishes to continue active development should seek to upgrade to the current release series as soon as possible. Applications that are in a stable state and experience a low amount of new development may wish to remain linked to the current maintenance version, but will still want to upgrade as the maintenance series falls into the next milestone.
Security Security related bug reports or patches are accepted, however almost no other changes are made and there are basically no releases except in extraordinary circumstances; SQLAlchemy has had perhaps one or two issues since its inception in 2005 that even marginally qualified as "security" issues. Applications running against this milestone series should seek to upgrade to a newer series in order to stay current.
EOL This release version is no longer maintained and is considered legacy. Applications in production use against an EOL milestone are strongly advised to upgrade to a newer version.