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SQLAlchemy 2.0.9 Released

SQLAlchemy release 2.0.9 is now available.

Release 2.0.9 is an emergency release which includes a critical fix for SQL Server. The "insertmanyvalues" feature has been temporarily disabled for this backend, as a behavior has been identified in SQL Server itself which under some circumstances will cause the multi-row INSERT statement to insert rows in a non-deterministic order vs. the order in which they are indicated in the parameter list, which can lead to incorrect persistence decisions specific to the ORM unit of work process. An upcoming release will restore "insertmanyvalues" to SQL Server and also adjust the unit of work process to not rely upon the feature in this way; the feature will be fully supported for operations such as "bulk insert".

Links to the detailed changelog for 2.0.9 is at Changelog.

SQLAlchemy 2.0.9 is available on the Download Page.