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SQLAlchemy 1.4.46 Released

SQLAlchemy 1.4.46 is now available.

The first release of the new year, SQLAlchemy 1.4.46 fixes a few fairly important issues, including an issue which could in unlikely circumstances impact connection pool stability for applications that use gevent or eventlet.

Release 1.4.46 is also a step towards the first release of SQLAlchemy 2.0 final, expected this month, introducing a new deprecation warning that emits exactly once when the application in use makes use of an API removed from 2.0, when the SQLALCHEMY_WARN_20 environment variable is not otherwise set. This deprecation warning is intended to give users that may not be following the progress of 2.0 that their requirements files should ensure SQLAlchemy 2.0 won't be installed prematurely.

The complete changelog for 1.4.46 is at Changelog.

SQLAlchemy 1.4.46 is available on the Download Page.