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SQLAlchemy 1.4.23 Released


SQLAlchemy 1.4.23 is now available.

Release 1.4.23 has a significant number of fixes and improvements. Notable changes include:

  • The greenlet dependency used by the asyncio extension now will install by default only on common platforms where greenlet is known to be supported; if asyncio support is needed on less common architectures, the sqlalchemy[asyncio] target needs to be stated explicitly when installing with pip.
  • Support is improved for the sqlalchemy2-stubs package by allowing declaration of "generic" types against SQLAlchemy classes at runtime
  • Changes have been made to the "selectinload" and "lazyload" loader strategies to accommodate various loader and user-defined options scenarios more correctly, by implementing a simplification of these strategies to no longer use the "lambda caching" feature internally.
  • Added a new parameter maintain_column_froms to the Select.with_only_columns method so that it is easier to change the columns being SELECTed from without altering the FROM list.

Thanks to our user and contributor communities for their ongoing help and support and our core team for their excellent work.

The complete changelog for 1.4.23 is at Changelog.

SQLAlchemy 1.4.23 is available on the Download Page.