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SQLAlchemy 1.4.0b2 Released

The second beta release of the SQLAlchemy 1.4 series, 1.4.0b2, is now available.

Release 1.4.0b2 includes a wide array of continued fixes and additions to the many new APIs and features released in 1.4.0b1 and adds new features as well, including:

  • support for "table valued" and related SQL function forms, most prominently requested for PostgreSQL ARRAY and JSON related functions
  • Support for the MySQL aiomysql asyncio driver
  • INSERT..ON CONFLICT support for SQLite
  • A new variant to ORM Declarative support for Python Dataclasses, allowing SQLAlchemy Column, relationship() and other constructs to be used inline within Dataclass Field() objects
  • Support for mapper configuration and teardown to be per-registry(), allowing for example mappings associated with a particular declarative base to be configured while not impacting mappers from other bases
  • Per-connection logging tokens for debugging concurrent applications

The release also contains a wide array of fixes and missing behaviors from major new features, including:

  • many missing features and behaviors added to the asyncio extension
  • bugs and performance improvements for the asyncpg dialect for PostgreSQL.
  • A wide array of fixes and architectural improvements to the new "lambda SQL" feature that is intrinsic to the with_loader_criteria() feature

It's hoped that 1.4.0b2 will be the last beta release before 1.4.0 final, which itself should hopefully be released within the coming weeks.

Some weeks after 1.4.0 final is released, the 2.0 branch will be moved to main and SQLAlchemy's development as a Python 3 only system supporting type annotations can begin.

The ultimate goal of the 1.4 / 2.0 series is to make SQLAlchemy easier to learn, more consistent and more reliable.

A huge number of contributors as well as our core development team has helped tremendously in getting us to the second beta and everyone deserves our deepest thanks and gratitude.

The migration guide for SQLAlchemy 1.4 is the best place to start in order to get an overview of what's happening: What's New in 1.4?. The complete changelog is at Changelog.

SQLAlchemy 1.4.0b2 by naming convention is a beta release, so only installs with pip if the --pre flag is included. Links to pypi for SQLAlchemy 1.4.0b2 are available on the Download Page.