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SQLAlchemy 1.3.13 Released


SQLAlchemy release 1.3.13 is now available.

Release 1.3.13 is a fairly ambitious bug-fix release which includes a fair amount of ORM related fixes as well as a variety of internal changes in order to greatly reduce reference cycles in both the Core and ORM layers. While these changes have been extensively tested, there is an increased usage of weak reference objects which can in theory impact non-idiomatic code that deals with inspection of ORM internals in that some objects may be garbage collected earlier than they would have previously.

See the changelog for descriptions of these new features as well as an overview of bug fixes.

As is the case with all releases, we'd like to thank all the contributors who helped with this release.

Changelog for 1.3.13 is at Changelog.

SQLAlchemy 1.3.13 is available on the Download Page.