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SQLAlchemy 1.3.11 Released


SQLAlchemy release 1.3.11 is now available.

Release 1.3.11 has a significant number of bug fixes across all areas as well as new use case additions. While it is a "point release", it contains a few use case additions that amount to new features, as they are needed sooner than the 1.4 series will be ready. This includes new scalar accessors for JSON index expressions that work across all JSON-supporting backends as well as cross-dialect support for the "GENERATED ALWAYS AS" SQL construct, which allows for an automatically updated expression to be established within DDL in the database server.

See the changelog for descriptions of these new features as well as an overview of bug fixes.

As is the case with all releases, we'd like to thank all the contributors who helped with this release.

Changelog for 1.3.11 is at Changelog.

SQLAlchemy 1.3.11 is available on the Download Page.