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SQLAlchemy 1.0.14 Released


SQLAlchemy release 1.0.14 is now available.

This is the latest release in the 1.0 series which includes a variety of bug fixes that have accumulated since the last 1.0 release. This release happens to only feature Core and dialect level changes; none are ORM specific. All applicable fixes here are also in the 1.1 series, most of which are already released as of 1.1.0b2. As the 1.1 series moves towards final release, the 1.0 series will move into "maintenance" mode with very few additional changes being made.

Users should review the changelog for 1.0.14 at Changelog; we'd like to thank the many contributors who helped with this release.

SQLAlchemy 1.0.14 is available on the Download Page.