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SQLAlchemy 1.0.5 Released

SQLAlchemy release 1.0.5 is now available.

Release 1.0.5 is mostly a bugfix release, in particular repairing some issues with MutableType as well as improving support for Postgresql under Pypy.

It also has an improvement to the SQL Server dialect which removes an old legacy system of attempting to rewrite SQL statements that include a schema qualifier; the system remains in place by default for the 1.0 series, however can be disabled using a new create_engine() flag. As the flag will most likely be reversed in the 1.1 series, a warning is emitted when schema-qualified tables are used without a true/false setting for this flag. SQL Server applications that use remote schemas will want to begin experimenting with disabling this behavior in preparation for it being disabled by default.

Changelog for 1.0.5 is at:


SQLAlchemy 1.0.5 is available on the Download Page.