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Alembic 0.1.0 Relased


Alembic is a new migrations tool for SQLAlchemy. Building on the knowledge gained by the SQLAlchemy-Migrate project, Alembic is an up-to-date, semi-automated system of maintaining versioned database schemas. Today marks the very first alpha-level release of 0.1.0, after an intense push to fill out the initial round of features and usage patterns.

Alembic's key features include support for transactional DDL, automated generation of candidate changesets, non-linear versioning, support for static SQL script generation, support for multiple databases, and an extremely open-ended configurational system, based on an environmental API in conjunction with pre-packaged sample environments. It is currently used in one complex multi-database production environment against Postgresql and MS SQL Server; initial support for MySQL is also included.

Alembic's documentation is at