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SQLAlchemy 0.7.3 Released


SQLAlchemy release 0.7.3 is now available. After a long delay since 0.7.2, this release contains many new features and bugfixes, and fixes some remaining regressions left over since 0.7 was released.

0.7.3 includes enhancements to the join() method of Query, support for Python 3's enhanced function arguments when mapping classes, new Declarative features including helpers for so-called "concrete inheritance" configurations, new event hooks, improved logging of large parameter sets, new keyword arguments for indexes specific to Postgresql and MySQL.

The full changelog for version 0.7.3 is at CHANGES.

For a full description of version 0.7 of SQLAlchemy including migration information, see What's New in SQLAlchemy 0.7?.

Download SQLAlchemy 0.7.3 on the download page.