Organizations using SQLAlchemy

This is just a partial list of organizations that have rolled out using SQLAlchemy.

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OpenStack is a widely used open source cloud computing platform. With OpenStack, anyone can run a private or public cloud on the hardware of their choosing. OpenStack was first founded by NASA and Rackspace, and today is supported by an enormous community of contributors and users, shepherded by a consortium of sponsors including Red Hat, Rackspace, Hewlett Packard, Mirantis, IBM, and dozens more. The majority of OpenStack's components are written in Python and interact heavily with relational database storage, where the SQLAlchemy ORM is used for all database interaction.
Reddit is one of the biggest social news aggregators on the internet. Reddit is built using Pylons, Mako templates, and a custom, non-ORM database abstraction layer built on SQLAlchemy Core.
Kalibrr is a recommendations-powered recruitment and job-seeking platform based in the Philippines. We've been powered by Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, and PostgreSQL since 2013 (coming from ActiveRecord) and have been in love with it ever since.
RideLink is an online community where car owners can safely rent their cars directly to drivers, making money in the process. Most of our services layer is written in Python, using Pyramid and SQLAlchemy.
SlashDB is an instant REST API gateway to databases. SlashDB works with an existing database and/or SQLAlchemy model to allow RESTful APIs to any database backend, including MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle, MySQL, DB2 and SQLite as well as any other data store using a plug-in model. The product features both commercial and free developer licensing models.
Level 12
Level 12 is a web & database development firm that uses solid engineering, proactive communication, and modern development practices to make our customers really, really, happy. SQLAlchemy is our preferred ORM for custom Python web application development. (part of is a new member of the family, allowing visitors to shop for new cars, in addition to the site's original focus on used cars. Written in Python using the Pyramid web framework, is built entirely around the SQLAlchemy ORM.
Dropbox is the widely successful file sharing platform. Dropbox were early adopters of SQLAlchemy. Today, they successfully scale out to over 50,000,000 users using a custom-built SQLAlchemy Core approach on top of MySQL.
Hulu is a well known, large scale online TV and movie streaming service. Hulu makes extensive use of Python in many of their backend services, including use of SQLAlchemy. As detailed in their blog post Hostess Menu System, SQLAlchemy is at the core of Hulu's UX management system which serves data-driven views, filters and UI layouts to client applications running on a wide variety of devices.
Yelp is the fun and easy way to find and talk about great (and not so great) local businesses. An early adopter of SQLAlchemy, Yelp started out with a core-only approach as early as version 0.4, later migrating to an ORM approach on version 0.7 and forward.
Anomaly are "purveyors of finely-crafted code and pixels for the Web and iOS." where SQLAlchemy and Alembic is "part of our daily lives". Anomaly is a valued sponsor of SQLAlchemy.
SurveyMonkey, the leader in online surveys, is building its entire stack in Python. SurveyMonkey is being built using Pylons/Pyramid, Jinja2 templating and a backend data tier built entirely upon SQLAlchemy.
Fedora Project
Fedora is one of the most widely used Linux distributions. According to their developers: "SQLAlchemy powers much of Fedora's Infrastructure. We pretty much worship it :)"
Firefox Sync
Firefox Sync is Firefox's built in bookmark synchronization service. Core server elements of Firefox Sync are written in Python using SQLAlchemy for backend storage.
Morrisville State College
Morrisville State College is ideally located in the geographic center of New York State and offers over 75 different majors. The Web Team at Morrisville built a portable application for recruiters that uses Bottle, Jinja templates, and SQLAlchemy ORM with SQLite. The application allows recruiters to collect student information on the road without requiring an internet connection.
Six Feet Up
Founded in 1999, Six Feet Up is a privately-held woman-owned company that develops and hosts sophisticated web publishing and collaboration projects. We specialize in Python solutions and are a leading provider of Plone services. We leverage SQLAlchemy to power web activity reports and access object oriented data in an effortless fashion. Our clients include top universities, growing and distributed organizations, as well as Fortune 500 companies.
Freshbooks delivers fast and simple invoicing and time tracking services. The data tier is built entirely upon SQLAlchemy.
Tablet does the hard work of selecting only the most extraordinary hotels and making booking as painless as it can be, having been founded as a cure for boring travel and an antidote to to the internet's overdose of options. Most of Tablet's codebase is written in Python, interacting with a MySQL backend using both the Core and ORM components of SQLAlchemy.
Paylogic is the fastest growing European online ticketing company. It's powered by SQLAlchemy, Django, Tornado, Flask and Backbone.
Tropofy is an innovative web deployment platform for problem solvers, allowing the deployment of apps to the cloud without the need for a web development background. Tropofy is powered by Pyramid, SQLAlchemy and Knockoutjs.
RedRoute is a cab dispatching iPhone (and soon, Android) application serving the area around Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. RedRoute has a backend that's entirely managed by SQLAlchemy; the system was developed over a 6-week period and SQLAlchemy greatly reduced development time over the alternatives considered.
Galaxy Project
Galaxy Project is an open source, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research. Mostly written in Python and using SQLAlchemy on PostgreSQL/SQLite.
Fast Monkeys is a product development house based in Finland. We develop new web ventures using Python, Flask and SQLAlchemy.
MixRank is a competitive intelligence service for online advertising. SQLAlchemy is used to process and persist billions of data points.
Blocksworld is an iPad game in which players use cubes, wedges, rockets, wheels, motors and more to easily create 3D models of anything they can imagine - from race cars to animals to robots and more. SQLAlchemy is used for the application server portion, which also makes use of Flask, MySQL, and Redis.
LSE LinOTP is a flexible and versatile OTP-platform for strong user authentication. Leveraging a modular architecture, it supports a variety of authentication protocols, as well as token and user repository features, while still remaining vendor-independent at its core. LinOTP features user friendly installation and usage, simple scalability and multi tenancy. LinOTP's approach is backed by relational databases accessed via SQLAlchemy.
PwnedList is a new breed of a security company that focuses on proactively monitoring external threats, such as hackers, their intricate social networks and the data they share amongst each other. Our platform is powered by Pyramid, Mako templates, SQLAlchemy and Amazon RDS.
Intuitive Web Solutions
Intuitive Web Solutions is the creator of BriteCore - a comprehensive insurance processing system that empowers clients to efficiently manage the daily operations of their insurance company. We use SQLAlchemy to manage our data - from policies to the lines of business they are built on.
Beautylish is a dynamic online beauty resource featuring product reviews, video tutorials, tips and tricks, and more. Beautylish is built using Pylons and SQLAlchemy on top of a complete Amazon Web Services stack. Beauty is serious business ;)
Lex Machina
Lex Machina began as a joint project between Stanford Law School and the Stanford Computer Science Department seeking to address the dearth of reliable data on IP litigation. Now a private venture, Lex Machina uses the SQLAlchemy ORM extensively as the gateway to their legal database.
Seagate is the famous maker of hard drives and storage devices. Seagate uses Python with SQLAlchemy for a variety of internal applications.
Juju is a job search engine that indexes job listings from companies and job boards all over the web and makes them searchable.
RedTurtle Technology is an internet consultancy in Italy specializing in Pyramid / Plone solutions, using SQLAlchemy in most of their Python projects.
Amyris is applying an industrial synthetic biology platform to provide high-performing alternatives to petroleum-sourced fuels and chemicals: "We use sqlalchemy heavily at Amyris and it is a thing of beauty :)"
CleverTim provides a simple CRM solution with a variety of features for small business use. SQLAlchemy is used heavily at the core of their platform.
privacyIDEA is a modular solution for two factor authentication, especially with OTP tokens. Adding token types is as easy as writing a short Python module, leveraging its ability to consume existing LDAP, Active Directory, SQL, SCIM or flat file services. privacyIDEA uses the flexibility of SQLAlchemy to access the token store across a wide variety of SQL databases.
Adroll lets online publishers connect and roll up their ad space to form relevant packages of inventory that advertisers can buy. Adroll's platform is built on Pylons using SQLAlchemy with PostgreSQL for data storage.
Charlie Rose
Charlie Rose is the widely viewed PBS show. Their website offers a full episode and clip archive, on a site built with Pylons and SQLAlchemy.
Jim Henson's CreatureShop
One of several high profile animation studios which use SQLAlchemy, Jim Henson's Creature Shop uses SQLAlchemy internally for asset tracking and within the backend for its render farm.
alaTest collects reviews from consumers and experts to help you find the best products on the market. SQLAlchemy is used heavily for our datamining and matching technology.
Checkout is a desktop software application for Mac OSX which turns any Mac into a cash register and real-time accounting system. SQLAlchemy is bundled into the executable along with SQLite to implement its storage system.
The Carbon Account
The Carbon Account helps you reduce your carbon footprint and share tips with friends. The site is built using a combination of Django and SQLAlchemy against a PostgreSQL database.
Codepad is an online compiler/interpreter, and a simple collaboration tool, written by Steven Hazel, founder of Sauce Labs. The web site is written in Python, using Pylons and SQLAlchemy.
SiaFoo is a site for storing code snippets and programming knowledge. It uses Pylons, SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL.
MediaCore is a media content system allowing any website to add high quality media delivery. Uses SQLAlchemy to manage content.
TriMet provides bus, light rail and commuter rail service in the Portland, Oregon metro area. Pylons and SQLAlchemy are used as the basis for a set of internal GIS/mapping apps, as well as other applications.
mapWOC lets you verify the integrity of websites, and identify malicious content by managing virtual machines with native browsers and analysing generated network traffic. SQLAlchemy ORM is used throughout for data management.
Mydeco is a home furnishings and interior design site, built on SQLAlchemy for database access.
A repository of Debian screenshots. Builds on SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL for data storage.

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