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SQLAlchemy 1.1.6 Released


SQLAlchemy release 1.1.6 is now available.

Release 1.1.6 continues to provide bug fixes and some new features within the 1.1 series. As we begin to lead into the development phase for 1.2 and solidify the 1.1 series as "done", additional behavioral improvements will more likely to be targeted at 1.2 rather than 1.1. Nevertheless, 1.1.6 includes a few fairly major behavioral improvements in the area of performance; some significant performance issues within the "joined eager loading" functionality were identified and repaired, which should cut the Python-level latency for such a query roughly in half, as well as an unnecessary SELECT which could emit when using the "eager defaults" feature was repaired.

Changelog for 1.1.6 is at Changelog.

SQLAlchemy 1.1.6 is available on the Download Page.

SQLAlchemy 1.1.5 Released


SQLAlchemy release 1.1.5 is now available.

Release 1.1.5 has many bug fixes across the ORM and Core components as well as within the Postgresql, Mysql, Oracle, and SQL Server dialects. There is also one new feature allowing MySQL index prefixes to be specified.

Changelog for 1.1.5 is at Changelog.

SQLAlchemy 1.1.5 is available on the Download Page.

SQLAlchemy 1.0.17 Released


SQLAlchemy release 1.0.17 is now available.

The 1.0.x series is well into maintenance mode and most fixes and enhancements are targeted only at the 1.1.x series. This release includes only one ORM related fix as well as repairs to deprecation warnings that are more prevalent with the Python 3.6 interpreter.

Changelog for 1.0.17 is at Changelog.

SQLAlchemy 1.0.17 is available on the Download Page.

SQLAlchemy 1.1.4 Released


SQLAlchemy release 1.1.4 is now available.

Release 1.1.4 includes a variety of bug fixes, some backported to the 1.0 series and others which repair minor regressions in the 1.1 series. There is also an important fix to the new Postgresql ON CONFLICT feature, as well as a new feature allowing server side cursor functionality to be usable with MySQL.

Changelog for 1.1.4 is at Changelog.

SQLAlchemy 1.1.4 is available on the Download Page.

SQLAlchemy 1.0.16 Released


SQLAlchemy release 1.0.16 is now available.

Release 1.0.16 includes a series backported bug fixes from SQLAlchemy versions 1.1.0 to 1.1.4. These changes include a handful of relatively minor ORM and MS SQL Server fixes.

Changelog for 1.0.16 is at Changelog.

SQLAlchemy 1.0.16 is available on the Download Page.