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SQLAlchemy 1.1.18 Released


SQLAlchemy release 1.1.18 is now available.

Release 1.1.18 has two dialect-specific issues backported from 1.2.5, which are a Python 3.7 regression in the Postgresql dialect, as well as an adjustment to all MySQL dialects to utilize a distinct query to obtain the server version rather than relying upon the DBAPI, which fixes issues with certain proxy servers.

Changelog for 1.1.18 is at Changelog.

SQLAlchemy 1.1.18 is available on the Download Page.

SQLAlchemy 1.2.5 Released


SQLAlchemy release 1.2.5 is now available.

Release 1.2.5 includes a series of fixes across the Core and ORM components including CTE fixes, an adjustment for Python 3.7, as well as bugs involving new 1.2 features.

Changelog for 1.2.5 is at Changelog.

SQLAlchemy 1.2.5 is available on the Download Page.

SQLAlchemy 1.1.17 Released


SQLAlchemy release 1.1.17 is now available.

Release 1.1.17 repairs a single regression regarding the association proxy extension which appeared in 1.1.16.

Changelog for 1.1.17 is at Changelog.

SQLAlchemy 1.1.17 is available on the Download Page.

SQLAlchemy 1.2.4 Released


SQLAlchemy release 1.2.4 is now available.

Release 1.2.4 includes a small series of fixes within the ORM and Core components, three of which are 1.2-specific regressions.

Changelog for 1.2.4 is at Changelog.

SQLAlchemy 1.2.4 is available on the Download Page.

SQLAlchemy 1.2.3 Released


SQLAlchemy release 1.2.3 is now available.

Release 1.2.3 includes fixes for a variety of ORM, Core, and dialect-specific issues.

Changelog for 1.2.3 is at Changelog.

SQLAlchemy 1.2.3 is available on the Download Page.