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SQLAlchemy 0.9.2 Released


SQLAlchemy release 0.9.2 is now available.

Release 0.9.2, while only a "point release" in the new 0.9 series, contains a large list of bug and regression fixes across ORM, Core and dialect, as well as a significant number of new features, particularly in the area of database metadata management.

Features include a "naming convention" system for database metadata that is hoped to assist with schema management, including when using Alembic migrations, as well as new options for constraints, Postgresql table reflection, and copying of table metadata. Support and documentation has been improved for some advanced ORM patterns such as creating relationships to complex targets.

The release also features a lot of regression fixes, so is recommended for all users who have already upgraded to the 0.9 series.

Among other bugfixes, there are quite a few dialect-specific bug fixes including four for MySQL alone, as well as Oracle, Postgresql, MSSQL, and SQLite, as well as a good number of ORM fixes.

Full changelog for SQLAlchemy 0.9.2 is at Changes, and for an overview of what's new in SQLAlchemy 0.9 overall, see What's New in 0.9.

Download SQLAlchemy 0.9.2 on the Download Page.