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SQLAlchemy 0.9.0 Released


SQLAlchemy release 0.9.0 is now available.

After about a year's worth of development, 0.9.0 is the first official release of the 0.9 series of SQLAlchemy. As always, 0.9 includes many major architectural improvements and new features.

To get an overview of SQLAlchemy 0.9's new features, see the What's New in 0.9 document. This document should also serve as a guide for those behavioral changes which may require adjustments to existing applications.

Highlights of SQLAlchemy 0.9.0 include in-place Python 3 support, major improvements to the eager loading system including a more expressive API and critical performance improvements to the rendering of more complex joins, support for Postgresql JSON types, SQL expression improvements such as textual "selectable" objects, "INSERT from SELECT" support, improved APIs for "SELECT..FOR UPDATE", schema and DDL improvements, and many other refinements. Architecturally, the move to Python 3 in place has allowed lots of consolidation to take place, and there has also been a major reorganization of module layout both within Core and ORM.

Existing production deployments which have not yet been tested in SQLAlchemy 0.9.0 should ensure that they specify a version less than 0.9.0 in their requirements files, as version 0.9.0 now becomes the default version of SQLAlchemy downloaded from Pypi when no version specifics are given.

Full changelog for the SQLAlchemy 0.9 series is at Changes; this document will also link out in many cases to the migration document mentioned above.

Download SQLAlchemy 0.9.0 on the Download Page.