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SQLAlchemy 0.9.4 Released


SQLAlchemy release 0.9.4 is now available.

0.9.4 contains mostly bug fixes, split across regressions local to 0.9 as well as more general issues. There are also some new features, in particular a major change to the testing system to support py.test in addition to nose.

Many bugfixes have also been backported to the 0.8 series which is being released simultaneously as 0.8.6, however others are being left only in 0.9 as they represent a slightly bigger change in behavior; the changelog will note which issues are backported and which are not. Key fixes include an enhancement to the mechanics of connection pool recycling to be more efficient as well as tweaks to event mechanics.

Users should carefully review the Changelog to note which behaviors and issues are affected. We'd like to thank the many contributors who helped with this release.

SQLAlchemy 0.9.4 is available on the Download Page.