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SQLAlchemy 0.7.8 Released


SQLAlchemy 0.7.8 is released. This is a maintenance release containing significant bug fixes applied to both the 0.7 and 0.8 SQLAlchemy series.

Significant issues resolved include a memory leak identified when the C extensions were installed in conjunction with usage of the Pyodbc DBAPI driver, and possibly other drivers that use a custom non-tuple for result rows; as well as a Python 3 issue where the execute() method of Engine and Connection would not interpret positional arguments correctly. Users who are using the Pyodbc driver in conjunction with the C extensions on any platform are encouraged to upgrade.

There's also a new dialect added that should allow usage of the new MySQL service provided by Google App Engine.

Overall, 0.7.8 has few changes versus 0.7.7, particularly within the ORM component, save for a few fixes. Users are advised to fully test existing applications before upgrading in any case.

For a full list of changes including all bug fixes, see CHANGES.

Download SQLAlchemy 0.7.8 on the download page.