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SQLAlchemy 0.6.9 Released


SQLAlchemy 0.6.9, a maintenance release of the 0.6 branch, is now available.

The 0.6 series has not seen a release since 0.6.8 was released nearly a year ago. During that time, the 0.7 series has gone through over six releases, gaining many new features and bug fixes. A portion of these fixes have been backported to 0.6 since 0.6.8, including twelve ORM fixes, so 0.6.9 is an effort to make these fixes widely available to those installations who have not yet upgraded to 0.7. The release coincides at the same time as release 0.7.7, which is also fast approaching maintenance-only mode with 0.8 now well underway and close to initial beta releases.

Care has been taken in 0.6.9 to minimize as much as possible the potential for backwards-incompatibilities with existing code, which sometimes can occur if an application is unknowingly relying upon a buggy behavior that is then fixed. So while 0.6.9 is a very conservative release, it does still represent changes over a year's time; users are strongly urged to carefully review the CHANGES file to see exactly what's been adjusted, and to test it fully in their existing 0.6 applications before promoting it to production.

For a full list of changes including all bug fixes, see CHANGES.

Download SQLAlchemy 0.6.9 on the download page.